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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Santa Rosa?


If you’re a homeowner looking for alternative energy sources in Santa Rosa, you might wonder how much do solar panels cost? The answer: as much or as little as you’re willing to put into them! Here at Simply Solar we design home solar systems with your needs in mind. If you have the space and funds for an entire swath of solar panels, you can completely offset your fossil-fuel powered utility bill. Or if you want to start small, we can install just a few panels so you can see a decrease in your electric bill — still ensuring you see a return on your investment.

No matter how much you decide to put into your solar system, the cost of solar energy is dramatically lower than traditional energy — it’s free! The only costs associated with harnessing solar energy come from the initial installation of the system. Once that’s paid for (either upfront or with financing) you reap all the benefits of solar power without the expenditure. The 30% federal tax credit on the purchase of a solar system doesn’t hurt either. Solar power also has benefits beyond money — it enables you to power your home from a pure, clean source and break free from the traditional energy grid.

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