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Maximize the ROI of Solar

Learn tips for evaluating your solar project and ensuring a maximum return on your investment. Understand the economics of a solar installation and how to generate your own electricity.

 Understand The Economics of Solar

As the cost of other, more sustainable forms of energy – like solar, wind, and geothermal – comes down, they become more attractive alternatives to fossil fuels, and have the added benefit of being renewable. Solar is a good return on investment when the cost of energy produced from a solar powered source is at or below the cost of energy being delivered from other sources.

 Choose High Quality Equipment

Not all solar panels are created equal. Look for panels with efficiencies above 18%, by companies with a strong track record and a 25 year warranty that protects against power degradation.

 Know the Details of a Solar Installation

There are several factors which will affect the output of a solar system, including location and placement of panels, the type of panel & inverter used, and the installation methods.