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Solar power for the places that need it most

At the core of our mission as one of the leading solar companies in Petaluma is the desire to help communities become energy independent. That’s why we take a portion of every residential solar installation and put it towards solar projects in communities at home and abroad. The more residential projects we install, the more clean energy we can give to communities. From schools in remote villages which lack power, to local community centers, to your elementary school down the street, we want to make clean power accessible to everyone. And we give you a say where your money goes! That’s because we believe that the community members know best where solar energy could benefit them. Have an idea for a project? Let us know! We’re ready to partner with you in our role as one of the top solar companies in the Petaluma market.

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North Bay Fire Relief


Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating North Bay Fires. Our Bright Future program aims to increase support of the local businesses affected by the fires, while educating homeowners about the benefits of solar energy. Homeowners who partake in the Bright Future program receive $50 to a local business, of their choice, that was affected by the North Bay Fire when they meet with one of our consultants. If solar makes sense for them, we will donate $250 to Fire Relief organizations with the installation of their Simply Solar system.

Organizations We Support
Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Helping to solve climate change by creating political will for climate solutions.

Center for Climate Protection

Creates model programs to reduce greenhouse emissions and inspires and mobilizes action in response to the climate crisis.

Social Advocates for Youth

Provides support, opportunities and hope to children, youth and families, through housing, counseling ,and life readiness programs.

Our Mission

Cleaner Energy

Empower customers to take advantage of renewable energy, by providing energy users with cleaner, less expensive power.

Genuine Service

Efficiently and expertly deliver customized power solutions for customers.

Community driven

Engage with our communities to foster a clean energy economy driven by enthusiastic customer referrals.





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