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Payment Options

Ways to Pay

At Simply Solar we understand that solar can be confusing and difficult to understand at times, which is why your dedicated team is with you every step of your solar journey. When you invest in the cost of your solar energy system you save over time. 

Down Payment $1,000 $0 down $0 down $0 down
Ownership You You Solar Company Solar Company
Receives Tax Credit You You Solar Company Solar Company
Monthly Payment None Fixed Fixed Fixed
Energy Monitoring Provided Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Offered Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Terms Paid in full Depends on loan type 20 years 20 years

Benefits of Solar

Lower Your Electric Bill

As your solar system produces clean, reliable energy you can expect to see an 80% decrease in your monthly energy bill.


Solar Panel Installation Petaluma

Increase Your Property Value

When you purchase your solar system your property value increases 130% of the cost of your solar system.



Generate Clean Reliable Energy

Your solar system will generate safe and reliable energy to power your home. 


Solar Panel Installation Santa Rosa

Energy Independence

Solar energy provides you with a clean and reliable source of energy. With solar you are able to assert your energy independence from your local utility companies.


Our Guarantee

 Simply Solar proud to serve its local community members. We understand that solar can be confusing, which is why we are with you every step of the way. We strive to provide our clients with only the highest quality materials and installation. 


Solar Panel Installation Petaluma

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