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Residential Solar Panels Santa Rosa

When you’re ready to explore residential solar panels for your Santa Rosa home, come to Simply Solar. We outfit the North Bay Area with both residential and commercial systems to capture and utilize the incredible resource that is solar power, using materials manufactured in the USA.

In the last few years, solar power usage has skyrocketed — since 2013 residential solar power panel installations have increased by 50% just in the United States! Even with this growth, solar energy only accounts for 1% of the world’s energy usage. So much of the US still relies on increasingly expensive and environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels even as researchers make renewable alternatives available to the public. Thus, we’ve made it our mission to make energy independence a priority through the use of clean, pure solar power.

With every residential solar system installation, funds are allocated towards solar projects in communities both locally and abroad. Better yet, our customers get a say in where those projects take place. We also put on workshops for education about the benefits of solar power to inspire and excite consumers about the potential for clean, renewable energy.

We’ve installed hundreds of residential solar panels in Santa Rosa and other local communities, helping homeowners to reduce their energy bills and contribute to a greener future for our planet. The solar system you install impacts not only your own home, but also your local community and the earth as a whole. When you choose Simply Solar, you choose to invest in the future. Wondering how much solar panels cost? Contact us today!