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Rooftop Solar

Benefits of Rooftop Solar

Lower Your Electric Bill

With solar you can expect to decrease your electric bill up to 80%. In fact, some months you may even receive a credit instead of a charge from your local utility company.


Solar Panel Installation Petaluma

Increase Your Property Value

When you purchase your solar system your property value increases 130% of the cost of your solar system.



Produce Clean Reliable Energy

With solar, you can generate up to 90% of your own electricity. Additionally, solar creates less Carbon Dioxide pollution than natural gas and coal combined!


Solar Panel Installation Santa Rosa

Energy Independence

Solar energy provides you with a clean and reliable source of energy. With solar you are able to assert your energy independence from your local utility companies.


Solar Panel Installation Cloverdale

” What an great experience with Simply Solar! The process was flawless and the pricing and materials is what sold me on this amazing company.”

-Bonnie D


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