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Solar Case Study

Learn how this homeowner increased his property value, while saving money. Most homeowners who go solar will save 80%-90% of their energy each  month!

 System Specifics

Learn the intricacies of this homeowners solar installation to find out how he was able to save thousands on electricity.  With an annual clean energy production of 14,642 kWh, he saw immediate utility savings, creating a cleaner energy infrastructure for his home and our planet.

 Predictable Energy Savings

With solar you can expect steadily low energy bills from month to month.  Most solar systems will, on average, help you save 80-90% of your energy bill.

 Environmental Impact
Every solar system is special, in the sense that it not only provides for the homeowner but also for the world at large. Using sources of clean, renewable energy Bill was able to decrease his overall carbon footprint, dramatically.