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Solar Energy For Home Santa Rosa

Solar panels and wind turbines with city

Have you thought about the ways solar energy for home can make a difference in Santa Rosa? Solar energy is one of the cleanest, purest forms of power available, and making good use of it can help us move away from the high pollution associated with the fossil fuels so much of the world relies on right now. Solar energy accounts for approximately 1% of the world’s generated energy right now, but installation of solar systems has increased by more than 50% since 2013 in the US alone! With that rate of growth, solar power could account for as much as one-sixth of the planet’s power within 40 years. As solar and wind power become more and more common, we stand a better chance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming going forward.

Simply Solar was founded on the idea that energy independence should be as simple and accessible as possible for residential and commercial. No more ties to domineering power companies, no reliance on a power grid, just the pure ability to generate your own electricity from readily available resources like the sun’s rays. With the costs associated with solar panel installation dropping and some amazing tax credits available through the federal government, there’s no better time to invest. We use completely USA-manufactured materials in our solar systems, and ensure that everything is covered by industry-leading warranties. Whether you pay off the entire cost of your system up front or choose to finance with a solar loan, while your neighbors are still struggling with high electric bills, you’ll be benefiting from the use of free, renewable solar energy!

If you’re ready to work toward a greener Santa Rosa, consider solar energy for home as a low-risk way to contribute. Not only will you experience a dramatic drop in your electric bills, but a portion of your system’s cost will go toward solar projects in communities both locally and abroad. Simply Solar works to make a difference and preserve our planet, so give us a call today and find out just how we can do that with your help.