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Solar Maintenance

 Solar Maintenance Plan

Routine maintenance is essential for residential solar arrays. Solar systems that undergo routine check-ups and maintenance operate at peak productivity.

Our maintenance plan includes an annual system check – up, cleaning, performance analysis, discounted service call rates, unlimited phone support, and electic bill review. The average solar system requires at least one of these services during its lifetime, and most solar systems require many, if not all, of these services at various points during their life-cycle.

  Check – up & Performance Analysis
  • System  inspection
  • Production report
  • Check sign identification
  • Check equipment ratings
  • Mounting structure review
 Service Call & Trouble Shooting
  • Inverter servicing
  • Repair inverter components
  • Tracker drive re-calibration
  • In-field electrical service
  • Wear & tear repairs
 Remove & Replace
  • Removal of current system
  • Solar system storage
  • Re – installation of solar array
 System Replacement
  • Productivity report of current system
  • Design a replacement system
  • Installation of replacement system

Solar System Operations and Maintenance

It is encouraged by solar professionals to have routine maintenance of your solar system to ensure peak productivity. Solar operations and maintenance encompasses the various types of services required to keep your solar system producing for years.

When choosing your solar maintenance provider you should look for professionals who use the highest quality products, have a proven track record and employ in-house technicians.

Why Simply Solar

Simply Solar is a local solar installation company who employs top notch installers & technicians, and use industry leading products. We are based out of Sonoma County, and have a 100 mile service radius from Petaluma. You can find us at many community and charity events, working hand in hand with our fellow community members.



Simply Solar is a local company based out of Sonoma County. One of the main benefits of having us right in your backyard is that we are able to come service your project with little notice.


In – house Service

Our in – house technicians maintain every project with precision, expertise, and exceptional service.


Client CRM Integration

Our client CRM integration system offers seamless tracking of every solar project from A to Z. We ensure that every service encounter is met with excellent customer service and expert handling.


Industry Leading Products

When you choose Simply Solar for your operations and maintenance needs you can be sure that we will use the highest quality products. Our drive to use industry leading technology helps us protect your solar investment for decades to come.


Standard pricing depends on system size,  roof accessibility, age of system, and other external factors which may be discovered during the course of routine inspection.  Roof must have adequate walkways or a robust roofing surface. Prices are based on work being performed within 100 miles of Petaluma, CA.