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Save on Power with Expert Solar Installation in Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa green enthusiasts have relied on Simply Solar for quality solar panel installation for over a decade. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of systems for both residential and commercial usage, helping property owners make the most of this renewable energy source.

Simply Solar is passionate about changing the energy infrastructure of our world. As the use of fossil fuels becomes increasingly divisive and detrimental to our green Earth, usage of clean energies like wind and solar power are growing more and more popular. However, solar power still only accounts for approximately 1% of the world’s energy usage right now. With every installation of a residential or commercial solar system, we move toward a greener future, with solar energy coming to the forefront.

A single solar panel system doesn’t just impact your home, although you’ll notice an immediate drop in your electric bills. When you switch primarily or entirely to solar energy, you’re helping to reduce reliance on high-pollution fossil fuels and encourage energy independence in your local community. Homeowners with roof space for extra solar panels can make use of energy over what the home requires by selling it to their local power company, enabling other buildings to make use of solar power as well.

No matter how big or small your system, the switch to solar energy will have a major impact on your home both now and in the future. The investment in a solar panel installation for your Santa Rosa home will net you returns for years to come, and in more ways than just monetarily. Look to the future and make the switch to solar energy for your Santa Rosa home today with our installation experts. Wondering how much solar panels cost? Contact us today!